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BUCHEN EnergyServices' locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Rope access technology. There’s no area we can’t reach

Work often has to be carried out in areas that are difficult to access. Setting up the technology and equipment to reach them can be both time consuming and expensive. BUCHEN EnergyServices' rope access services are the ideal solution for just such cases. Our industrial climbers can get to the area with their rope access technology – additional access equipment is not required – and have all the necessary skills to perform the industrial service needed as well as any other related tasks.

A wide range of skills and services

BUCHEN EnergyServices' rope access technicians are able to perform inspection, cleaning, repair, installation and coating tasks. They work in a variety of environments and carry out a wide range of jobs including:

Our rope access technicians are SCCP certified and trained in line with FISAT standards

Repairing facades and carrying out insulation work

Cleaning silos, boilers and other structures

Rescue at height services

Sandblasting and coating tasks

All kinds of installation work

Inspection jobs

Supporting teams laying cables and installing cable clamps

Fast, effective and inexpensive

Rope access technology creates a whole number of advantages in the field. The work generally has very little impact on a plant’s normal operations. What’s more, it offers an alternative solution to having to erect scaffolding or lifting work platforms and is often more cost effective.

Robust safety concepts

BUCHEN EnergyServices employs its own team of industrial climbers. When it needs to, it also collaborates with audited partner companies. All of the rope access technicians it uses have been certified in line with the standards set out by FISAT, the German Association for Rope Access. In addition, we make sure they undergo comprehensive health checks, are given extensive work instructions and take part in further training courses, such as respiratory protective equipment courses.

Being a FISAT member and an SCCP-certified company, BUCHEN EnergyServices is well positioned to perform tasks in industrial environments

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