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Modern equipment – creating benefits for our customers

Industrial cleaning and power plant services must not only be delivered professionally but quickly, safely and cost effectively as well. To make sure that it meets your requirements in the best possible way, BUCHEN EnergyServices uses innovations and a pool of machinery that unite optimum availability with a top quality performance and high levels of safety.

Access to an extensive range of equipment

Having an extensive pool of machinery and fleet of vehicles at our disposal, we are able to cope with high levels of demand and be there for our customers whenever they need us – even during peak periods. What’s more, our equipment has been designed to deliver the highest possible performance. BUCHEN EnergyServices uses, for example, vacuum/suction units with a capacity of up to 8,000 m3/h, high pressure water pumps reaching up to 650 l/min and dust control units with a maximum performance of 5,000 Pa.

Thanks to our extensive range of technical resources, we are able to carry out major projects efficiently and cost effectively

Growing quality and safety with automation

We make the most of the advantages of automation wherever we can. In practical terms, this not only means that the work performed is far more standardised and consistent but – importantly – safer and noticeably faster. We carry out our own development work to drive forward automation and use it in as many of our services as possible. As a result, BUCHEN has made pioneering progress – particularly in the field of water jetting technology – giving it access to improved processes, technologies and systems and creating significant benefits for its customers.

Modern equipment is standard equipment at our company – creating the best conditions for a quick project completion

Delivering a higher performance with our own innovations

The range of systems used in the field of industrial cleaning is very wide indeed. Certain plants and plant parts, however, have very specific requirements and service providers must develop their own creative solutions if they are to achieve the best possible results. It is precisely for this reason that BUCHEN EnergyServices has developed a number of processes for individual applications such as cleaning air and gas preheaters or air coolers and air cooled condensers. By modifying the systems to meet the precise set-up of each component, our specialist solutions create clear benefits for our customers.

We have developed our own task-specific systems that are less abrasive and deliver better results

A patented radio communications system for even more safety

According to DGUV regulations [German Social Accident Insurance], a person must always be present outside a boiler when a sandblasting operative is inside carrying out cleaning work so that there is constant contact between the two. Such communications, however, are always acoustic as the boiler openings are closed. Normal radio signals are unable to be used as the boiler wall acts like a Faraday cage and blocks them. What’s more, communication is further impeded by the noise generated by the sandblasting work as well as by the operative’s blasting helmet. Despite these problems, BUCHEN EnergyServices has succeeded in developing a special high-performance radio communications system with its own frequency to ensure that the DGUV’s regulations are met. In practical terms, this not only guarantees that the work is compliant but also further improves safety levels and the coordination of the work for all those involved.

This pioneering radio communications system is integrated into the blasting helmet and ensures there is a reliable means of communication between the sandblasting operative, the person standing outside the boiler and the boiler operator

Cost and environmental advantages thanks to electrification

We keep a very close eye on the developments being made to equipment on the market and are always keen to use any innovations that are suitable for our business and enable us to provide services that are even more targeted to our customers’ wishes. We prefer to work with large machinery that is powered by electricity and can, for example, already clean boilers, vessels and reactors using only electrical equipment. As far as our customers are concerned, this means lower costs as the ever more expensive fossil fuels are no longer used. On top of this, carbon emissions are also reduced – a further advantage for our customers, not least for their energy audits and sustainability reports.

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