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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Boiler cleaning. Mechanical cleaning work with a comprehensive range of services

Having boilers cleaned on a regular basis helps plant operators to achieve their key goals: it ensures the processes in the boiler run smoothly, helps make sure the composition of exhaust gases is correct and increases cost effectiveness as the boiler is more energy efficient. Being true specialists in this field, BUCHEN EnergyServices delivers professional boiler cleaning services that achieve excellent results and protect your plant.

Experts for routine cleaning work and special projects

BUCHEN EnergyServices takes over all cleaning tasks from start to finish and handles all of the individual plant parts. Besides cleaning boilers at regular intervals, we can also carry out many other jobs on your behalf – such as measuring the thickness of the walls, preparing the equipment for cladding and removing old coats of paint or algae. By planning the project meticulously in advance, carrying out the work efficiently and using high-performance equipment, we ensure that your plant is up and running again in as short a time as possible.

The processes we use to remove deposits from heating surfaces and steam generators are gentle on the material and produce excellent results

A process for each and every situation

We use a variety of alternative boiler cleaning systems that are adapted to meet the requirements of each individual project:

Cleaning boilers using sandblasting technology

We can offer you the following services:

  • Cleaning of SIC material and refractory concrete
  • Blasting work in preparation for measuring the thickness of walls
  • Preparing for cladding
  • Blasting work in preparation for stainless steel welding
  • Blasting work to prepare steel surfaces in acc. with DIN EN ISO 8501-1 SA 2.0 - SA 2.5 - SA 3.0
  • Removal of residual adhesive from tile systems
  • Vacuuming up all incineration residue and any residue generated by the cleaning work
Cleaning boilers using high pressure water jets

Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to remove the following substances reliably and efficiently:

  • Refractory concrete and SIC material
  • Coke deposits on heat exchangers
  • Algae and green patina on concrete & wooden cooling towers
  • Deposits in pipes
  • Rubber lining and coatings in plants, containers, pipes etc
  • Deposits in chimneys

Find out more about our high pressure water jet cleaning services here

Special blasting PPE plus two-way radios

Whenever we clean boilers with sandblasting technology, we also use a special two-way radio system that we developed ourselves so that the operative working in the boiler can communicate with the specialists and safety experts on the other side at all times. This creates a whole number of benefits including:

A high level of compliance as regards the DGUV-Regel 113-004 [German Social Accident Insurance regulation

Increased safety levels as the sandblasting specialist and the safety experts are in constant contact

Efficient, smooth coordination of the work being carried out inside and outside the boiler

If several operatives are deployed in a boiler, they can coordinate their work even if there is poor visibility

Further information about BUCHEN EnergyServices' patented two-way radio system can be found in the section on technology

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