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BUCHEN EnergyServices' locations

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The BUCHEN Group's energy bundle: specialists offering numerous special services

BUCHEN EnergyServices, based in Herne, Germany, specializes in technical industrial services industrial furnaces and steam production facilities, biomass-fired power plants and, above all, waste-to-energy plants. We provide our services for demanding tasks throughout Europe. BUCHEN EnergyServices is the market leader in Germany and has a total of six locations. Furthermore there is a subsidiary in the Netherlands with its head office in Rotterdam.

A wide-ranging portfolio for bespoke solutions

Our portfolio of services covers a very wide and very varied range of tasks – from cleaning boilers all the way through to air and gas preheaters. We are able to do this because we have the skills and expertise required not only to offer a multitude of cleaning systems but also to adapt them to meet the exact conditions of each individual project. Our work primarily focuses on sandblasting and water jetting technology as well as on highly specialised systems for plant parts that have particularly complex requirements. What’s more, our portfolio also includes tasks that need more unusual specialist expertise such as detonative cleaning work and rope access services.

From the initial consultation, to executing the work, to handling the documentation – our company is able to provide each and every service

Unique solutions adding even more value to your business

Many areas of our business see us working with systems that are only available to BUCHEN EnergyServices as they are either patent protected or have a registered design. We have developed these processes ourselves to meet the particular needs of the processing industry as well as those of the waste management and energy sectors. By saving time, minimising risks and reducing costs, they increase plant availability and add even more value to a customer’s business. What’s more, they clearly help to make plant operations more sustainable as they reduce emission and noise levels.

The benefits of BUCHEN EnergyServices' proprietary systems particularly come to the fore when the work involves hazardous or sensitive environments

Further information about our specialist systems and technological capabilities can be found in the section on technology

Partnerships with a host of benefits

BUCHEN EnergyServices is well known on the market for offering bespoke service packages that deliver a professional, top quality performance within schedule and within budget. They also stand out as they are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of its customers. We never hesitate to take on new requests and challenges so that we can work on finding suitable solutions. It is our goal to build up long-standing partnerships that are based on trust and that – by providing you with our top quality services – enable us to help you reach your own company goals.

Quality and safety are key success factors. Find out more about our QHSE systems here

Our certificates and accreditations can be found in our library

Quality results thanks to experience and expertise

The more specialised the work, the more important it is to have highly qualified personnel performing the tasks. BUCHEN EnergyServices deploys experienced, highly trained staff who have a wealth of additional know-how. Our operatives know the industrial sector very well indeed. They have extensive practical knowledge of their field having performed tasks in a wide variety of environments and are well aware of the particular requirements of different projects such as working in high risk areas and in turnarounds. We have the staff we need to be able to carry out major projects quickly and efficiently. Moreover, we are also qualified to temporarily transfer employees to our customers should they find themselves short staffed.

Find out more our operatives’ specialist qualifications here

BUCHEN EnergyServices belongs the BUCHEN Group, a company that is setting international standards within the industrial services and waste management sectors. Find out more at BUCHEN

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