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Heat exchanger cleaning services. A field where we can offer you more

Cleaned heat exchangers that have been freed of all residue and deposits not only play a major role in ensuring plant operations run smoothly but also in increasing plant availability and in growing energy efficiency. Having in-depth experience of this field, BUCHEN EnergyServices is able to clean all sizes, models and makes of heat exchangers. If you wish, we can also provide additional services such as carrying out maintenance work and changing seals.

Specialists providing the full range of cleaning services

No matter whether it involves finned tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers or tubular heat exchangers: making the most of our extensive know-how and state-of-the-art technologies, we ensure that all fouling is professionally and effectively removed. Working closely with you throughout, we first carefully plan and prepare the heat exchanger cleaning services required for your plant. This reduces the time needed to do the actual cleaning task and minimises the impact of the work on your operations.

Perfectly cleaned heat exchangers have a direct impact on the performance of your plant operations

An extra service for water-cooled power plants

One special service that BUCHEN EnergyServices provides involves the mechanical cleaning of heat exchanger and condenser tubes. We use special projectiles or brushes to do this work, which we are able to adjust to match the exact inner diameter of the tubes. Despite being able to remove both hard and soft deposits, this is a particularly gentle method of cleaning such equipment as we work with low pressure levels. At the same time, this process enables condensers to be cleaned very quickly – an important time saver for plant operators.

Thanks to our mechanical cleaning system, up to 4,000 tubes can be cleaned per shift per team

A one-stop shop

Working together with our BUCHEN Group sister companies, we are able to offer a wide range of other heat exchanger services besides cleaning work. These include, for example, servicing and repair work, changing seals and supplying spare parts. Which means you can access all the services you need for your heat exchangers from just one company.

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