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Air cooler cleaning services. Optimising cleaning results with automation

BUCHEN EnergyServices uses an automated high pressure water jetting system that it developed itself to clean air coolers and air cooled condensers. This pioneering process has been adapted to meet the exact requirements of this type of plant machinery. It has also proven to be a particularly non-abrasive and yet highly efficient method of cleaning these sensitive components.

Faster, more effective, gentler

Our high pressure cleaning system works with up to 30 jets. This enables large areas of the air cooler’s surface to be cleaned within a very short period of time, helping to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. The cleaning work can be performed when the air coolers are online or offline. What’s more, there is no danger of the sensitive finned tubes being damaged as the pressure and the angle of the water remain the same throughout the process. At the same time, it passes through the fins in the best possible way, enabling it to remove even the most stubborn of deposits from hard-to-reach areas.

We can provide our automated air cooler cleaning services for planned inspection work as well as in the case of a breakdown

Benefits that are well worth your while

By deploying this pioneering air cooler cleaning system, you are able to benefit from all the advantages of an automated process. As far as your business is concerned, this means:

Considerable time savings

Excellent cleaning results

A gentle, non-abrasive system

Greater levels of safety

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