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Wet chemical cleaning services. For those difficult cases and particularly demanding projects

BUCHEN EnergyServices also has a solution for situations where conventional cleaning systems cannot be used: its wet chemical cleaning services. This process is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach plant sections as well as for removing particularly stubborn deposits. What’s more, we also deploy this system for specific combinations of material and dirt or if it means we can achieve better results.

A perfect combination

BUCHEN EnergyServices selects the equipment and the cleaning solution to meet the exact requirements of the project on hand. Moreover, it carefully and professionally performs any sealing work that may be required ahead of the actual cleaning task. Indeed, protecting sensitive plant plants and refractory lining is one of our core areas of expertise and one of our particular strengths. The cleaning solution is processed, recycled and reused – helping to protect the environment and to lower costs.

Our operatives do not need to enter the section of the plant being cleaned when they use our wet chemical cleaning system

Cleaning without the time-consuming dismantling tasks

If the systems that need to be cleaned contain fluids, then BUCHEN EnergyServices can deploy its wet chemical cleaning services as a cleaning-in-place procedure. Once the correct pressure and temperature have been set, the machinery or pipe systems are cleaned here using closed-loop rinse cycles. Such wet chemical cleaning tasks can generally be carried out without much dismantling work having to be performed beforehand and can reach even the narrowest of spaces.

Services for a whole range of sectors

Our wet chemical cleaning services are primarily used to clean plant sections at power stations, waste-to-energy plants, refineries and boiler plants as well as at chemical and food processing businesses. We can often be found working in the following environments:

Convection and radiation zones


Condensers and coolers


Pipes and fittings

Combustion chambers

Heat exchangers

Find out more about our heat exchanger services here

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