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BUCHEN EnergyServices' locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

High pressure water jet cleaning services. A well-established service with a whole host of extras

High pressure water jet cleaning services have been one of the BUCHEN Group’s core areas of expertise for many years now and one where we are able to offer a whole range of specialised services. Our processes, technologies and equipment are all state of the art. In many cases they have been optimised and further developed by our own engineers – creating long-term, sustainable advantages for your business.

Automated or by hand

Depending on the task it has been commissioned to carry out, BUCHEN EnergyServices uses either manual or automated high pressure water jet technology to perform the cleaning work. The job is done by hand when it is not possible or not cost effective to deploy automated systems. No matter which system is used, they are purely mechanical and rely wholly on water power.

Highly efficient – benefiting you and your business: our high pressure water jetting specialists work with water pressure reaching up to 3,000 bar and flow rates of up to 650 l/h

An efficient performance no matter what the field

Our teams of highly skilled and experienced operatives use a wide range of specialist systems to remove many different types of deposit including:

Product residue in containers

Coke deposits on heat exchangers

Algae and green patina on concrete & wooden cooling towers

Deposits in pipes

Rubber lining and coatings in plants, containers, pipes etc

Examples of how our innovative high pressure water jetting systems are used in the field can be found in the sections: air cooler cleaning services and air / gas preheater cleaning services

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