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Detonative cleaning services. Efficiency and safety perfectly combined

BUCHEN EnergyServices' detonative cleaning services enable you to not only have your combustion chambers and downstream machinery cleaned very quickly but also highly efficiently. The targeted use of shock waves allows dust, slag and product residue to be dislodged in no time at all. By planning the work meticulously and executing it professionally, we ensure that such detonations are carefully controlled from start to finish and that your plant is never damaged.

A job for the experts

Detonative cleaning services require specialist know-how. We have the expertise needed to be able to select the right igniter and the right industrial explosive to meet the specific requirements of the plant on hand. We generally only use products made by German manufacturers for such projects. Having been certified in accordance with Section 7 of the ‘SprengstoffG’ (German Explosives Act), BUCHEN EnergyServices is a member of the Deutscher Sprengverband e.V. (German Explosives Association).

We use special cameras before, during and after our detonative cleaning work so that we can monitor the condition of the plant in real time

During shutdowns and ongoing operations

We deliver our detonative cleaning services when a plant has been shut down (for example as a controlled cleaning measure with subsequent cleaning at height using rope access technology) as well as when it is online. Typically, this type of system is used to clean large boilers, fluidised bed boilers, silos and flue gas treatment plants as well as spray dryer absorbers and silos for storing residual materials. Our range of services also includes performing controlled explosions of unsafe structures as well as in hot materials.

Besides offering detonative cleaning services, we also perform general blasting work such as the controlled blasting of boulders or of (parts of) buildings

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