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CO2 blasting technology. For those parts with extra special requirements

Companies offering industrial cleaning services can only achieve the very best results if they are able to use and offer all the different types of processes that available on the market. BUCHEN EnergyServices deploys CO2 blasting systems to clean parts and surfaces that are particularly sensitive. Thanks to this technology, the cleaning process is non-abrasive, eco-friendly, gentle on the material and delivers excellent results.

Tailored to each individual case

To make the very most of the advantages provided by CO2 blasting technology, we always adjust the position of the jets and the pressure levels to meet the exact requirements of each individual project. Having gathered extensive experience from performing such a wide range and large number of CO2 blasting tasks, we know precisely how to fine-tune the technology to deliver the best possible results.

CO2 blasting is a particularly environmentally friendly process as it does not generate any blasting residue at all

Suitable for a whole range of applications

Using this innovative technology, we are able to provide our customers with a safe and reliable process that can remove a wide range of materials and deposits – from paint, to wax, oil, bitumen and plastic, all the way through to scale, slag, coal and fatty residue. Typically, our CO2 blasting system is deployed to clean:

Tools and equipment parts

Moulds, containers and tanks

Caps, dryers and ventilation units

Filling, production and mixing facilities

Switchgears and insulators

Motors, generators and turbines

Conveyor rollers and belts

Hot moulds and tiles

CO2 blasting – also known as ice pellet or dry ice blasting – can generally be deployed without the need for dismantling work and is even suitable for current-carrying systems that have been disconnected

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