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BUCHEN EnergyServices' locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

QHSE. Quality and safety – our no. 1 priority

It is our firm belief that top quality services should always be linked to the highest possible safety levels. Which is why our company has implemented extensive measures to set safety standards that go above and beyond the norm. These measures and initiatives relate to quality, health & safety and environmental protection and are managed by our QHSE department.

A management system in line with international standards

All our QHSE activities are based on our integrated management system that has been set up in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and backed up by an SCCP system. This management system covers all operational processes as well as all related supporting processes. Statutory regulations and technical standards are taken into account as are customer requirements and internal guidelines. External accreditations and head office audits ensure that the standards set out in our management system are met at all times.

Our high safety standards are reflected in everything we do and apply to every work site, no matter where in the world we may be

Innovations to further grow safety

BUCHEN EnergyServices is well known for its determination to innovate and develop pioneering systems that not only further improve its everyday operations but QHSE as well. Our patented radio communications system, for example, has helped optimise safety standards for sandblasting work performed in boilers and our proprietary automated systems have also further improved safety levels at work.

Find out more about how our innovations help to grow quality, safety and sustainability in the section on technology

QHSE – an integral part of our corporate culture

Safety must be put into practice in a clear, intentional and deliberate way. Which is why we deploy a whole host of measures to ensure this important subject is a permanent fixture in our corporate culture and an essential part of our everyday work. Relevant programmes, training courses and an exchange of best practice solutions are fundamental components of our QHSE measures. Moreover, our ‘Safer together’ initiative ensures that QHSE issues are always foremost in our employees’ minds and that each and every person knows they play an essential role in making sure the highest safety standards are achieved.

The efficacy of our QHSE activities are constantly being checked and further developed. Why? Because we are not prepared to compromise on safety

Our certificates and permits

Our high safety standards are documented in our many accreditations and permits. These include both the accreditations issued to our companies as well as the specialist certificates awarded to our operatives.

Our certificates can be found in the section on brochures & certificates

Company accreditations and permits

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management)
  • SCCP (safety management)
  • Specialist business in acc. with the WHG [Federal Water Act]
  • Permit to temporarily transfer staff in acc. with AÜG [Act on Temporary Agency Work]
  • Level 1 Sandblaster Training Course
  • FISAT membership

Specialist employee qualifications

  • SCC courses and exams in acc. with Documents 017 and 018
  • Medical check-ups in acc. with all rules and regulations
  • Training courses to use respiratory protective equipment
  • Certified sandblaster training courses (theory and practice)
  • Industrial climbers qualified in acc. with rope access Levels 1-3
  • Certified to install / remove studs in acc. with stud welding exams
  • Training courses to use high pressure equipment (theory and practice)
  • Qualified fork-lift truck operators
  • Occupational safety experts

We also take on responsibility by adhering and conforming to all rules and regulations. Our Corporate Compliance Guidelines, which apply to the whole of the REMONDIS Group, can be found here

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