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Air & gas preheater cleaning services. Excellent results in no time at all

Deposits building up on the heating surface of air and gas preheaters can cause a whole range of problems and have a major impact on a plant’s operations. Having developed its own fully automated, high pressure water jetting system, BUCHEN EnergyServices is able to provide reliable, rapid and safe support. Which means that your plant can once again achieve the performance you expect of it – both when it comes to output and efficiency.

A special system with twice the benefits

Thanks to the system developed by BUCHEN EnergyServices, air and gas preheaters can be cleaned more quickly and more cost effectively than is possible with the standard systems available on the market. And the results are excellent as well. To be able to offer these advantages, the very most is made of the way the pressure and volume of water can be varied with this automated system. As its jet bars can be fitted in a variety of ways, it is particularly flexible and can be adjusted to meet the exact set-up of each preheater – delivering the same high quality cleaning results across the whole of the radius of the heating surfaces.

This system is mobile and self-contained and only needs electricity and water when used in the field

Progress that benefits you and your business

Thanks to our well-engineered air and gas preheater cleaning system, we are able to achieve better cleaning results in a shorter period of time. As far as your plant operations are concerned, this means:

Greater plant availability

Increased levels of energy efficiency

A clear reduction in Δp (differential pressure)

Greater levels of safety thanks to automation

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